TEA warns to cut off funding if Austin ISD doesn’t change instruction model for secondary students

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Independent School District superintendent says the learning model being used in many middle and high schools will likely change in November to allow for more personal instruction between teachers and students.

Dr. Stephanie Elizalde told the Board of Trustees at Monday night’s information session that the Texas Education Agency contacted district leaders to inform them virtual instruction, which is being delivered to many in-person students, would not be funded past November.

“How can you say it’s in-person instruction when the students are not getting any time with their teachers,” Elizalde recalled the TEA’s line of questioning to the district.

Elizalde said the district is considering multiple changes to correct this, including having either students rotate between classes or teachers rotating between classes. The district may implement “one-way hallways” to minimize student-to-student spread of COVID-19.

“None of this is ‘zero risk.’ There is no ‘zero risk’

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Why Tarek El Moussa Doesn’t Want Exes at His Wedding

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Balenciaga Shows That Great Fashion Doesn’t Have to Be Escapist

Many designers feel escapism is the right tone for the moment: think of Tom Ford, that balletic airy Hermès show, or even Celine’s Elysian Fields of TikTok. But escapism can also feel like a copout. Fashion can do so much more than make you feel good, first of all. And there is also just so much emotion, so much heaviness, in the atmosphere, which fashion is more than equipped to interpret. Look back at those tortured McQueen collections, like the “Highland Rape” in 1995, or even further back to the politically blasé Yves Saint Laurent, channeling the protests of 1968 into his now-iconic military-ish trouser suits. Martin Margiela’s spring 2000 treatise on the commercialization of fashion, and Yohji Yamamoto’s similar, though more cynical, message for fall 2007, both wrestled compellingly with the increasing influence of global capitalism on a medium they both treat as an art form. Why aren’t more

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Why the Fashion Industry Doesn’t Make More Petite Clothes

It’s indicative of the fashion world’s view of short women, that they choose to label us ‘petite’ instead of just short. It’s not a pejorative term, but perhaps the fashion world sees us that way. We are the minority, we do not fit their ideal. So they don’t cater for us properly. Most brands don’t make petite sizes at all and many brands claim to, but they get it wrong.

It’s not just about shorter sleeves and hems, there are five vertical measurements on petite dresses that have to be adjusted. And don’t forget that other features have to be reduced in proportion also. Frills must be smaller and fewer, cuffs must be shorter, patterns smaller.

I have spoken to several brand designers, asking if they would design a petite range. They were not interested because it meant re-working the design for a minority market. This is when the fashion … Read More

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