Have you seen me? Missing mini donkey was dad’s final gift to daughter

The animal was the last gift Monika Popilek’s dad gave her before he passed away.

SAN ANTONIO — About a mile off of Potranco Road is where you go to find peace. But, even for the quiet, country, somewhat rural road, they never thought they’d be looking for this.

“If we were looking for a grey tiger-striped cat, it’d be confusing. But how many donkeys are out there wandering around?” Monika Popilek asked. It’s a question she’s been wondering the answer to for about a month, since her miniature donkey, Chesney, went missing.

“When I came in from work, went to go feed him, and you know the other little one came, but I realized he didn’t come,” she explained.

Popilek drove for hours searching for the little guy and posted signs on Laurel Ridge Drive, which is the last place Chesney was seen. But the sightings have since quieted,

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