Photographer Drawn To Reside In Vermont Due To Beauty & Intrigue

Recently, renowned photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin relocated to Vermont, after spending the last decade learning about his ancestors who hailed from Middletown, Vermont. Slatin stated in a recent interview,
“I now reside in Middletown Springs. For more than 10 years, my mother, Anne Pratt Slatin, has been coming here during the summers to research her family history with her 4th cousin, Alice Blakely Marsh, who is from Jericho. My mom and dad, the late Harvey L. Slatin would stay at the former Twin Mountains Farm, owned by Annie and Walt Pepperman. Alice and her husband, Warren, also stayed there at the same time. I was drawn to the area by its small size, historic rural nature, and the town plan.”

Continuing, “Town plans can tell one a lot about the hopes and expectations of those who live in a particular place, and I liked what I read.”

Thomas Slatin’s interest

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