Stella McCartney Had a Question: ‘Why on Earth Would You Be in Fashion?’

This season Stella McCartney eschewed her normal slot during Paris Fashion Week for a slightly later reveal — with a twist. She’s not coming out just with a collection; she’s coming out with a whole lexicon of values, with each letter illustrated by a different artist.

Below, in an interview that has been edited, she explains why, and what it means.

There’s been a lot of talk about the pandemic changing the fashion value system, but you seem to have taken that literally.

I think, like all of us, I asked myself a lot of questions during lockdown. “Why do I do what I do? Why do people work at Stella McCartney? And why on earth would you be in fashion?”

I had all these sleepless nights, and then I woke up at like 4 o’clock in the morning and wrote down everything that really makes what I do important

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NASA astronaut steps down from Boeing Starliner crew so he’ll be on Earth for daughter’s wedding

A former NASA astronaut is bowing out of Boeing’s first crewed space flight due to the gravity of an upcoming family commitment— his daughter’s wedding.

Christopher Ferguson in a blue shirt: Chris Ferguson is showing that space is not his top priority.

© Pat Sullivan
Chris Ferguson is showing that space is not his top priority.

In a post on his personal Twitter account Wednesday, Chris Ferguson said he was stepping down as commander of the Boeing Starliner crew and skipping next year’s trip to the International Space Station so he could keep his feet “planted here firmly on Earth.”

He called the decision “difficult and personal,” but one that “prioritizes my most important crew — my family.”

“I’m deeply committed to human space flight. I’m dedicated to the Starliner program, and I’m passionate about the team that has built her. But next year is very important for my family,” Ferguson, who previously piloted the Space Shuttle Atlantis, said in a video attached to his post.

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