Hong Kong fashion empire heiress Bonnie Evita Law dies during ‘illegal’ liposuction and boob job

Hong Kong fashion empire heiress, 34, dies during ‘illegal’ liposuction and boob job after going under the knife ‘to celebrate her birthday’

  • Bonnie Evita Law died after falling into a coma during plastic surgery in Seoul
  • Police claimed the operations had not been carried out by certified surgeons 
  • The agency which had arranged the operations was also illegal, police stated
  • Ms Law’s grandfather was the founder of billion-dollar clothing brand Bossini

A Hong Kong heiress has allegedly died while undergoing liposuction and breast augmentation procedures arranged by an illegal agent and performed by uncertified plastic surgeons, according to police.

Bonnie Evita Law, whose late grandfather built a billion-dollar fashion empire, passed in January at the age of 34 during the operations in South Korea.

The surgery was said to be part of

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