What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Texting Style, Because They’re Totally Connected

Not to state the obvious here, but your texting style says a whole lot about your personality — it’s often how you form connections with people you just met or are getting to know, and how you build relationships in between hanging out with the ones you love. With that in mind, the reverse is also true — and you may be surprised at what your Enneagram says about your texting style. Not only can your type offer insight into when, how, and why you text, but even into the subtleties of your messages (like how many emojis you use).

Each Enneagram type has a “default” style of texting, which reflects their core motivations, needs, fears, and desires. And the thing is, there are no “good texters” and “bad texters” within the Enneagram. Every type has their own unique strengths — for example, some are more reliable in terms of

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