Why This Venture Philanthropist Is Betting On Women In Lebanon To Lead The World In Social Entrepreneurship

In times of crisis, true leaders emerge. The NGOs and social entrepreneurs in Lebanon, a number of them women, are living proof of this. In Beirut, during the continual aftermath of the Beirut Port explosion, which burned through the capital on August 4,  causing at least 200 deaths, 6,500 injuries, $15 billion USD in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless, entrepreneurs and activists hit the ground when support from the government was nowhere to be found.

Michelle Mouracade, the country director for Lebanon of Alfanar, the first venture philanthropy organization in the Middle East that supports social enterprises over the long-term with funding, training, management support and access to networks and markets, says she’s constantly impressed by the nimbleness and sharp thinking of both the nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs of Lebanon.

“Despite what we’re all going

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Women, Is It Time To Think About Entrepreneurship?

Olivia Jaras is the CEO of The EmpowHER Society, specializing in salary coaching for women.

Okay, ladies… so you don’t have a job. Or you’ve been “furloughed.” Maybe your past employer will open back up soon. You don’t know. You can’t get a definitive answer. Probably because they don’t have one. 

Some economic news sounds optimistic. But then you hear about people facing evictions from homes and apartments because of mortgage delinquencies or nonpayment of rent.

You’re frustrated and maybe scared. You have some money so you won’t be evicted — maybe! — but you need to do something.

Or maybe you’re not unemployed. But reading this, it dawns on you, you’re just unfulfilled where you are. You know, deep inside, you were meant for more. To do more, to be more.

The idea’s been percolating in your head and your heart for a while now… since before

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