Was a Hollywood-Style Trump Sign Erected in Los Angeles?

In October 2020, reports and social media posts emerged claiming that someone had erected a large “TRUMP” sign over Interstate 405 in Los Angeles. Newsweek, for example, reported that:

Large letters in the style of the iconic Hollywood sign reading “TRUMP” were found on Los Angeles’ 405 Freeway on Tuesday morning. Los Angeles CBS Local reported that the letters were installed sometime between late Monday night and Tuesday morning on the southbound side of the Freeway in Sepulveda Pass. The giant letters appeared to use the iconic typeface from the “SF Hollywood Hills” font family, making it blend into the hilly setting seamlessly.

Such reports were accurate. Local television channel KTLA posted its own, authentic aerial footage of the sign as it appeared on Oct. 6, clearly showing its location on a hillside overlooking a stretch of I-405 at the Sepulveda Pass, around 25 miles west of downtown Los Angeles:

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Large, Hollywood-style ‘Trump’ sign erected in Los Angeles

A large sign appeared along the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass in California on Tuesday. The sign said ‘Trump’ in bold white letters similar to the ones on the Hollywood sign and stood about 10 feet tall, according to Kron4 news.

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But it had to come down. Work crews demolished the sign which faced northbound lanes near Getty Center Drive. Police say it was becoming a traffic hazard as motorists began to slow down to take pictures of it. According to California Highway Patrol’s incident log, the sign, discovered at 6:41 a.m., was a “traffic hazard.”

It was also located in a dry area making it susceptible to forest fires that are currently plaguing parts of the state. That particular area is known for destructive bush fires like last year’s Getty fire or the 2017 Skirball Fire.

Earlier this year, a

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