A Menswear Expert Shares His Essential Clothing Items for Fall 2020

It’s been, shall we say, a somewhat unconventional year for fashion. No sooner had we invested in our spring clothes than we were forced into lockdown, where we spent a cruel summer living in our sweats. And while we’re tentatively starting to head back into the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean going back to the same old suit-and-tie.

Sokrat Sokratov wearing a blue shirt: YouTuber and menswear influencer Marcel Floruss, aka One Dapper Street, recommends 15 staple clothing items for fall.

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YouTuber and menswear influencer Marcel Floruss, aka One Dapper Street, recommends 15 staple clothing items for fall.

In a new YouTube video, menswear model, designer and influencer Marcus Floruss breaks down the staple items every man should have in his wardrobe for the most casual fall ever.


Face coverings have been essential in every sense of the word for several months now, of course, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. Chances are you already have at least one, but if you’ve been cycling

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Marla Aaron Evolves Her Utilitarian Approach to Fun And Essential Fine Jewelry In Her Newest Collection

I have interviewed many designers and listened when they spoke about their inspiration.  Although there have been may jewelers who cite industrial influences, Marla Aaron locked down the look with her first design directly cast from a hardware store carabiner  (a hook that mountaineers use to fasten one rope to another). Marla explains, “When I realized I could morph this simple shape into different silhouettes and sizes, I realized that other women would want them too.” This is the time, Marla didn’t realize would be an understatement. Marla developed a cult following with women who ‘wanted’, coveted and eventually bough them in a variety of incarnations.

Unless you have been living where there is no internet, phone, or mode of communication with the outside world, you will have heard of Marla Aaron and her original take on the her ever expanding utilitarian objects

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In-Your-Face Status Symbol Or New Essential Luxury Fashion Accessory?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, luxury brands have heeded the call to action. With protective gear for front line medical workers in short supply globally, brands repurposed their factories to manufacture face masks and hospital gowns, as well as made financial donations.

LVMH, the world’s undisputed luxury leader, was first out of the block to respond to the crisis. From producing hospital gowns and supplying surgical facemasks to local hospitals around the world, and shifting production in its cosmetics manufacturing plants to produce hand sanitizers, LVMH engaged its global network and many luxury brand houses to battle the virus.

Philanthropy aside, many luxury brands also jumped

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Essential Fashion Ideas

In as we speak’s postmodern society, men are in full swing of fashion all around the world. First a part of the cycle, the place the development is extremely hunted immediately after seeing that great fashionable hat, dress or shoe on the runway, pink carpet or music video. I bought some pants and blouses that day as a result of I appreciated the types and the way the clothes match me. I also felt good that I used to be carrying on a legacy for good clothes shopping that my mother would have appreciated.

Persons are the center of fashion design so now we have to investigate every components of individuals before we design. Fashion trade usually dumps together two seasons together, Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter, which offers you about six months to put on earlier than it seems seems outdated.

Now, most nail salons provide various kinds … Read More

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