Bye-Bye, Sweatpants! 15 Reasons to Get Excited About Fashion This Fall.

WHAT’S THE point of fashion now, in our collective state of semi-isolation? No one really cares if you wear the same WFH sweater five days in a row. But doing so is a sad, stale reminder of our last six months of stagnation. At The Wall Street Journal, we’re as tired of focusing on sweatpants and masks as you are. Yet the carefree past, in which we’d herald fantastic trends (gothic frocks, anyone?) feels distant and increasingly irrelevant. 


What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Join the conversation below.

Thankfully, there’s a happy medium between frivolity and frumpiness, and fashion can help both men and women achieve it. Just as it’s exhilarating to go back to the movies, albeit at a drive-in theater, we recommend inching back toward a world where fashion matters. Start exactly where you are: on the couch. From its confines, you

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Diana at Home! YouTube Star, 6, ‘Excited’ to Launch Her Own Line of Toys and Clothing for Kids

It’s officially Halloween season — and Diana has got kids covered.

The 6-year-old YouTube phenom and star of Kids Diana Show has partnered with to launch a brand-new line of toys and clothing for kids at Walmart, to go perfectly with her favorite holiday.

Targeted to children ages 3 and up, the Love, Diana kids line “will feature a full spectrum of colorful outfits, dolls, plush toys, hair accessories, jewelry and more — just in time for Halloween!” Diana’s parents tell PEOPLE.

The pieces in the collection “encompass the core characteristics of what our fans know and love about Diana: imagination, playfulness, creativity, empowerment and friendship,” they add. “Many of the colors and styles were inspired by Diana’s looks on the YouTube channel. In fact, the dolls were designed to resemble the animated version of Diana, which we recently debuted on our YouTube channel in a series called ‘Love,

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