Two-thirds of women in football have experienced discrimination, says report

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Two-thirds of women who work in football have experienced gender discrimination, a new study reports.

The survey for Women in Football,external-link which represents more than 4,000 women who work across the football industry, also found that 34% of respondents had witnessed gender discrimination.

However, 66% of respondents did say they felt supported by their employer.

Ebru Koksal, chair of Women in Football, said feedback on issues women faced made for “heartbreaking reading”.

“One story of bias, outdated perceptions and outright bullying is one too many,” Koksal added.

“There is still a lot of work to do to ensure that women are encouraged to forge careers in the industry and this is where Women in Football will continue to play a big part.

“It is our intention to drive the agenda forward together and to harness the power of our joint expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience to create improvements for

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Most girls and young women have experienced abuse online, report finds

Most girls and young women using social media have experienced abuse that has driven them offline and left them traumatised, according to a new global survey.

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More than half of the 14,000 15- to 25-year-olds interviewed by Plan International said they had been cyberstalked, sent explicit messages and images, or abused online.

Plan said it is a global problem and that social media companies had left girls to deal with online violence on their own.

The interviewees, from 22 countries, said no action was taken when they reported abuse.

“These attacks may not be physical, but they are often threatening, relentless and limit girls’ freedom of expression,” said Plan’s CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen. “Driving girls out of online spaces is hugely disempowering in an increasingly digital world, and damages their ability to be seen, heard and become leaders.”

a woman sitting on a bench: Plan argues girls and young women are left to deal with abuse without adequate support from social media companies.

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Plan argues girls

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