4 Major Challenges Faced by Manufacturers and Retailers in Apparel Production

But to ensure this, there are some major challenges that both manufacturers and retailers have to face. From keeping up with the latest fashion trends to catering to the demanding consumers, from maintaining the optimum inventory levels to building a sustainable business, there are so many bottlenecks.

If ignored, they can damage the business as well as the brand name. However, there are ways through which manufacturers and retailers can overcome these challenges. One such way is to partner with apparel sourcing agents who can help in dealing with some of these problems to a great extent.

The apparel manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. It is dynamic and under constant pressure as the competition is getting tougher in terms of costs, pricing, fashion trends and fulfilling the expectations of the demanding audience. Moreover, due to the presence of multiple players, manufacturers and retailers … Read More

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