Opinion | Kamala Harris’s facial expressions at the debate were her strength

Vice President Pence wasn’t following the rules — not about timing, not about interrupting — during Wednesday’s debate. Moderator Susan Page’s efforts at polite shushing, uttering repeated “thank you’s,” was about as effective as a cafeteria monitor trying to halt a food fight. It fell to Harris to remind the vice president, “I’m speaking” — something he already knew but chose to ignore.

If Harris had raised her voice in those moments, she would have been labeled shrill. If she had frowned, she would have been labeled a scold. If she had raised a hand, she would have been called angry or even unhinged.

So she smiled as she held her ground — and of course they called it a smirk, a grin that by definition comes off as irritating or smug. But it was more than that. Harris gave Pence “The Look” — and you don’t have to look

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The 6 Best New Beauty Tools and Facial Devices | W Magazine

Full Spectrum

The current, predominant trend in the beauty world isn’t a prized ingredient or treatment. Instead, there has been an onslaught of facial devices, tools, and gadgets on the market of late. Companies are finally giving consumers more of what they’ve always craved: access to professional-grade products. There isn’t a skin guru in town who doesn’t have a tool they swear by—and in terms of skincare, every beauty junkie knows the “face device after serum” step is gospel to an evening skin routine.

But like most trends that will eventually turn into beauty mainstays, there’s the inevitable game of deciphering quality from the duds. (My social media feed is rampant with face tool ads that appear misleading; testimonials run amok from relatively unknown people in their early 20s lauded as experts, assuring the public they know all about cell turnover and smooth skin.) There’s also a handful of devices that have

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The Beauty Of Facial Therapeutic massage!

To pamper and maintain ourselves, beauty salons exist. To think that younger women already assume they don’t seem to be beautiful and wish to vary their appearance to be stunning actually upsets me. To know that we assist the media and the best way they painting beauty for girls really ought to make us think about what we actually believe.

Moreover there are hair products which assist in adding volume and body to hair. Colombian girls are the sweetest ladies and most of them are actually sizzling and trustworthy as well. Women need to alter their definition of beauty and start realizing the true that means behind the word.

After I acknowledged that many of those images had been considered lovely by tens of millions of black women and men, they accepted that however specified that these portraits were new to them and subsequently exterior of their typical scope of … Read More

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