Are digital facials the future of beauty?

Are you tempted to turn your bathroom into a beauty salon and do your own facial care, advised by a trained beautician? That’s what South African brand Optiphi is offering, in this period of social distancing, with its latest range of professional at-home treatments. What’s the concept? Order the necessary products adapted to your skin type, and then follow a virtual consultation to apply the products. Is it a glimpse into the future of salon treatments or a fad with a limited life span?

Lockdown measures have generated a great deal of frustration in terms of beauty routines. Both men and women have scoured the Internet for ideas, tips or advice to refresh their haircut, do a hair colour, or treat themselves to a moment of well-being through treatments to be performed from their bathroom. While many beauty professionals have reopened the doors of their salons, some brands are anticipating

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