10 options for family-style takeout

When dining rooms were forced to close, it not only changed the way restaurants operate, it changed the way we all eat. Takeout took on a new meaning, suddenly serving a different purpose. It became less about instant, individual gratification and more about getting food on the table for the entire family.

No restaurant answered that call more heroically than Taco María, where trendsetting chef Carlos Salgado recast his destination dining room known for leisurely multi-course tasting menus as a corner bodega selling carne asada, pinto beans and tamales, completely transforming the concept of meal kits.

Yes, dining rooms are cautiously reopening, but 2020’s not done yet. Many of us are still counting on takeout. And when we don’t have time to cook but still need to put food on the table or stock the fridge, these 10 restaurants can save the day.

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