New Ethereum Fee Model Has Some Miners Crying Foul: Survey

Ethereum miners are signaling their disapproval of a technical proposal advocated by top Ethereum developers, a new survey shows.

Eight of the nine mining projects partaking in a community survey on Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 had a negative impression of the proposal, with seven of the nine saying they would refuse to implement the EIP if it were included in a future hard fork.

EIP 1559 swaps Ethereum’s current bid-based transaction market for a set fee, BASEFEE, with a small tip for miner compensation. The EIP gained steam over the summer months as the cost to send even a basic transaction broke $10 multiple times. 

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The survey included 25 Ethereum projects, with most choosing to remain anonymous, Tim Beiko, ConsenSys product manager and survey

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