New Ferrari updates explained via 3D model

As we revealed over the Russian GP weekend, thanks to Sebastian Vettel’s qualifying shunt, Ferrari’s nose and cape have been modified in order to improve flow through what have become inlets beside the thumb-style tip.

The leading edge of the under-nose cape is now slightly lower to help draw flow through the inlets, altering how the airflow and associated pressures build beneath the surface too.

It also features a complex turning-vane structure, that mounts to both the rear-end of the nose and the underside of the chassis. Added to the footplate of the chassis portion of the turning vanes are three rows of ‘crooked finger’ vanes, each of which arches over at the top to form an L-shaped surface.

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Lil Yachty Arrested for Driving Over 150 MPH in White Ferrari

Lil Yachty is in some legal trouble after he was arrested for speeding through Atlanta, the local ABC affiliate reports. 

The incident took place last week when Yachty’s white Ferrari was pulled over on the Downtown Connector near University Avenue. He was reportedly arrested, charged, and taken to the Atlanta City Jail while his car was placed in the care of a friend. The rapper was charged with reckless driving and speeding in excess of maximum limits. Per reports, he was allegedly going more than 150 miles per hour when he was pulled over. 

While details surrounding the arrest are still scarce, Yachty did receive an all-white Ferrari from Quality Control CEO, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, for his birthday last month. This could’ve been the vehicle he was driving the day of his arrest. 

Shortly after news of the incident broke, Yachty took to IG to say that

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