Was Milan Fashion Week Really a “Fiasco”?

When the French newspaper Le Figaro branded Milan Fashion Week a “fiasco” in a headline last Tuesday—before Milan Fashion Week had even begun—it went down in Italy about as well as a Hawaiian pizza with a side of SpaghettiOs. “Ridiculous, stupid, ignorant, wrong!” one eminent Italian editor summarized it to me. “They are just projecting their own fears about Paris Fashion Week and health issues onto us,” said an Italian house PR, more circumspectly. 

Reading below the incendiary and clumsy headline (so clumsy that Le Figaro later changed it without explanation) the evidence presented to support it was circumstantial; Bottega Veneta and Gucci were not showing (correct), Versace and Prada U-turned from physical to digital (correct), social distancing had to be maintained at the physical shows that were happening (like, obviously correct), British visitors to Italy faced a quarantine when returning home (incorrect), and—this was probably the main cause of

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