Megan Thee Stallion Champions the Fight for Black Women in New Op-Ed

Megan Thee Stallion tackled the myriad ways black women remain “disrespected and disregarded in so many areas of life” in a new op-ed for The New York Times.

Opening her piece by noting that black women are once again expected to play a pivotal role in electing Democratic candidates this year, Meg moved between the personal and the global to show how this power at the polls is rarely met with meaningful change in the way black women are treated and viewed by society.

Meg opened by talking about the act of violence perpetrated against her when the rapper Tory Lanez allegedly shot her twice as she walked away from him in July. (Lanez was not named in the piece; he was recently charged with assault in the incident.) Megan said she initially chose to remain silent about the attack out of fears that were ultimately borne out as

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Hospital workers caught on video in vicious MMA-style fight

Two workers in a London hospital have been filmed in an MMA-style brawl, wrestling each other to the ground in what appears to be the hospital restaurant.

Footage shows the women ignoring social distancing as they engage in the fight, The Sun reports.

At the beginning of the clip, believed to have been filmed over the weekend, the workers can be seen squaring up to one another.

One of the women, who is wearing blue scrubs with her mask pulled down, points her finger and shouts at the other.

Her colleague then yells back at her, towering over her with her hands on her hips.

One of the workers then lashes out by hitting the other, a move quickly returned by her colleague.

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The fight rapidly erupts into a trade of blows as the workers wrestle each other to a cafe bench.


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Fight back against the competition with your Google Shopping Ads this holiday season

Fight back against the competition with your Google Shopping Ads this holiday season

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As Women Fight to Maintain Progress, Companies Need to Reimagine How They Operate

For years, American corporations tried to increase job flexibility with scant success. The pandemic ushered in more flexibility, along with added responsibilities and few boundaries. For women, who typically shoulder more duties at home regardless of their breadwinning status, that has felt less like freedom than pressure to be always on.

We’re seeing the consequences in our sixth annual Women in the Workplace study, a joint effort by McKinsey & Co. and LeanIn.Org that is the largest annual benchmark of women’s progress in American corporations. More than one in four women say they may now quit or scale back their jobs. Among women at the managerial level and above, 30% want to step down or out. As a group, women could lose more than five years of gains across the career pipeline.

This is not simply a pause on the road to a more equitable workplace. This year’s report finds

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