How women are fighting back against harassment on LinkedIn

Like many professionals, I start my day with a cup of coffee and a quick scan of LinkedIn. It’s part of my mental “power hour” where I catch up on what happened overnight and fill my brain with the news, insights and trends that will help me do better work each day.

It’s something I always look forward to. That is until I began following The Female Lead and began reading the comments on their posts.

The Female Lead is a UK-based charity dedicated to making women’s stories more visible, offering alternative role models to those typically celebrated in popular culture. Their LinkedIn presence consists of sharing stories, memes, and quotes of inspiring women. Their content is inspiring, fun and completely innocuous.

Last month I came across a typical post, featuring a smiling woman holding a sign that said “Spoke to my ex after 10 years. ‘Miss or Ms’ he

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There are thousands of very credible women across Australia fighting for equal rights | Australian budget 2020

The prime minister, Scott Morrison, is angry with women. Not all of us, just those making a fuss about the woeful lack of attention to women’s workforce participation, economic security and safety in the budget his treasurer handed down on Tuesday night.

After early childhood education advocate and journalist Georgie Dent published an article in Women’s Agenda pointing out that the biggest-spending budget in history had allocated roughly a third of 1% of its funds for women’s economic security (citing a figure I tweeted from the Per Capita account during the budget presentation on Tuesday night), she received a call from the PM’s office to complain that “no one credible” was making such a complaint, and that “nothing in the budget is gendered”.

To quote one famous working woman: big mistake. Big. Huge.

Within a couple of hours, the hashtag #CredibleWomen was born, and soon trending in Australia. Twenty-four

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