COVID-19 is forcing women out of the workforce. Transparency and openness is the only way forward

But one thing’s for sure: Moms are losing right now. Alicia Sasser Modestino, associate professor at Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, just came out with some damning research: “The Impacts of COVID-19 on Working Parents, Childcare, and Gender Equity.”

Mothers’ employment is more likely to hinge on childcare availability, she found. During the pandemic, women have significantly increased time spent per week on schoolwork and playing with children, as well as cooking and cleaning. Men saw marginal increases in time spent cooking and cleaning. (Both saw increases in TV watching. No surprise there.)

This isn’t to bash on fathers. In fact, recent research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education reveals that dads are growing closer to their kids during the pandemic: 68 percent report feeling closer or much closer to their kids; 54 percent report paying more attention to their children’s feelings; and 51 percent report

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