Buy Procter And Gamble And Ulta Beauty

October is the most volatile month, has brought the largest one-day declines, and has usually closed on the upside. The coming week is OPEX (options expiration week) which has a bullish bias in the month of October.

Here are two stock recommendations for the short term.

The PG daily cycle (8 of 8 signals correct) bottoms on October 11th and tops on October 18th. The weekly cycle (8 of 9 accurate) is also bullish. October has been the strongest month to hold PG, up 68.3% of all such months over the last 41 years. The target is $150 by months end.  

PG Daily Cycle

PG Daily Graph

The ULTA daily cycle (12 of the last 13 have been

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The beauty and the shame of Google’s Pixel 5 gamble

What is a “Google phone”? That’s a question I’ve been trying to wrap my moist mammal-brain around for many a moon now, and the answer has rarely stayed still for long.

Early on, back when the “Google phone” concept first came around with the Nexus line of devices (pour one out, everyone), the idea was meant to represent a dramatic shakeup of the phone-buying experience. The first Nexus phone, the now-classic Nexus One, had not only high-end hardware (for the time) but also a wild-seeming web-based sales model where you’d buy the phone unlocked, direct from Google, and without any carrier involvement. (Things were pretty different back in the prehistoric time of 2010 — as this Nexus launch video will quickly remind you.)

The idea of the “Google phone” eventually evolved to mean a niche-level device for developers, enthusiasts, and other people in the know. For a while, it also

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