The Matrix 4: Lana Wachowski’s Filming Style Teased as Game-Changing


Gather ’round, fans of The Matrix franchise, because new details about The Matrix 4 have emerged. The Matrix 4 co-star Jessica Henwick (Iron FistGame of Thrones) has shared new details about director Lana Wachowski‘s filming style on the next Matrix movie. The fourth installment will arrive in theaters in 2021, nearly 20 years after the third movie, The Matrix Revolutions, was released. Given the length of time in between The Matrix installments, it’s no wonder Wachowski is cooking up something new to truly blow our minds — but what exactly does she have planned?

Speaking with Comicbook, Henwick opened up about Wachowski’s approach to filming on The Matrix 4. Of course, Henwick couldn’t reveal too much about the specifics of Wachowski’s new filming style. What these teases do promise is the director is going all-out as she helms this new Matrix movie solo.

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