Bittersweet Gay Immigration Drama Finds Beauty in Real Life

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They say truth is stranger than fiction, but more often than not it’s much sadder too. Where fiction likes to wrap things up in a tidy bow, real life is all about calculated compromise. In the case of Iván Garcia and Gerardo Zabaleta, whose touching love story is dramatized in the timely drama “I Carry You With Me,” the choice between a life together in the U.S. or with family in Mexico has no clear-cut answers. The narrative feature debut of Oscar-nominated documentarian Heidi Ewing (“Jesus Camp”),

“I Carry You With Me” operates on three separate timelines, often jumping between with little rhyme or reason. Ewing intercuts footage of the real Iván, now in early middle age and a successful chef in New York City, alongside the talented actor (Armando Espitia) dramatizing his life as a young man in Puebla, Mexico, with occasional

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Minister Stripped of Credential for Officiating Gay Son’s Wedding Dies

The Mennonite minister whose church stripped him of his credentials for officiating the wedding of his gay son has died. Chester Wenger passed away Friday, October 2, in Lititz, Pennsylvania, with his family caring for him. He made history in 2014 when he officiated the wedding of his son Phil, who had been ex-communicated from the Mennonite church for being gay, and his partner Steve Dinnocenti. Wenger was 102.

“My father was a person who gave his life to his family and his church,” his son, Phil Wenger, told WGAL.

The elder Wenger officiated the ceremony of his son and Dinnocenti after marriage equality became legal. Phil had been excommunicated by a single leader in the Mennonite church decades before, but Chester was adamant he wanted to preside over the ceremony. He published an open letter afterwards explaining why doing so was in accordance with his interpretation of the

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Jim Parsons on reviving dated gay drama


Jim Parsons remembers the moment he knew he was gay. 

The “Big Bang Theory” actor was studying theater at the University of Houston, where he was surrounded by loving, open-minded friends and introduced to landmark gay plays “Angels in America” and “Love! Valour! Compassion!” 

“The first time I had a crush on a boy in undergrad, I was like, ‘Oh, (shoot), this is seeing the world in color,’ ” Parsons says. “I realized all the crushes I’d had on girls in the past (were) black and white in comparison. And I was like, ‘Well, I can’t go back. I am Dorothy and I walked out of the house into Oz, and I’ve just got to keep going down the brick road.’ ” 

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‘Love, Victor’: Hulu’s gay teen rom-com was dumped by Disney+. Here’s why that

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