A brand-new Tesla Model Y’s glass roof flew off on the highway

Panoramic glass roof panels are not supposed to fly off on the highway. You’d think that’d go without saying, but unfortunately, one recent Tesla buyer experienced exactly that almost unbelievable scenario shortly after taking delivery of a brand-new Model Y electric crossover in California. The new owner’s son was present for the inaugural drive and posted the experience to the Reddit Tesla Lounge, calling the automaker’s quality control “embarrassingly bad.” Hard point to argue, especially given Tesla’s history of poor quality. 

Just prior to the instant convertible roof deployment, the poster says they “started to hear a ton of wind” while driving and thought perhaps a window had inadvertently opened until about a minute later when the entire glass panel lifted off and flew away. The father and son immediately turned around and returned to the dealership, where they called the local highway patrol to report the incident.

A two-second

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13 Alternatives To Glass Clinking At Your Wedding Reception

Today, many people take wedding bands and engagement rings with no consideration, and though they offer these lovely items of jewellery with integrity and love, they are typically given with no actual knowledge of the meaning behind them. Other couples would possibly choose to have a really intimate wedding ceremony with only rapid household, after which to have a big get together later. Most wedding ceremonies are held inside a church, thus limiting the bride and groom’s alternative on cake, coloration of flowers for the altar, bridesmaids gowns, as well as wedding favors.

I like the way in which you say a wedding day is “form of like taking part in gown up”, it is only in the future. One query that many visitors have is, “Can I wear velvet in November?” To some extent, it is a personal desire, but a superb rule of thumb is that velvet is … Read More

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