Monica Lewinsky Is God’s Gift to Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Who knew Monica Lewinsky, the intern of record, would one day speak for all of us when she tweeted this in early September: “Just realized I am more scared of our government now than I was in 1998. And that’s saying a lot. A. LOT.”

Lewinsky, who has been a quiet force on Twitter since 2014, is recently rocking the sphere, claiming her voice in a very public forum after having been very publicly vilified—albeit before the age of social media. On Twitter, Lewinsky is a kind neighbor and saucy best friend. She dishes on challah recipes. She polls the Twitter abyss on what car she should get: “So very me. Can’t decide between a Subaru or a Tesla.” (It prompted a reply from Elon Musk saying that he’d be happy to give her one, and that she could return it if she wasn’t happy

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