A&E Q&A: Artist finds gold as part of unique style | Community News

The glimmer of the gold-leaf artwork at artist Julie Wheeler’s table caught my eye.

This took place as I walked around the vendor’s displays at the new Cuban Gypsy Parlor’s 1st Friday “Gypsy Market” on Oct. 2.

I met an author there, too, who I will profile next week, too.

Wheeler hails from Cleveland, Ohio, but studied graphic design and painting at Loyola University in New Orleans. She’s been in Summerville for two years now, having relocated from Charlotte.

Mary Regan

Mary E. Regan

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Regan: You began art as a little girl with a crayon? Did your teachers say you had artistic talent growing up?

Wheeler: When I was young, I could never color inside the lines, both figuratively and literally. I would always go against the grain of any assigned art project. This got a lot of attention when I was in grade school. My projects

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Mystery of secret inscription on inside of Queen’s gold wedding ring

When it came to planning their royal wedding, Princess Elizabeth and her fiancé Prince Philip had a lot of big decisions to make.

At the time of their 1947 wedding, Britain was still recovering from the horrors of the Second World War, and King VI knew he had to be conscious about the budget for his daughter’s wedding.

Food, clothing, fuel and coal were still being rationed, and the original plan was for a budget occasion.

However the government decided Brits needed something to celebrate, so the wedding ended up being bigger.

But there was one thing they didn’t need to worry about paying for – the Queen’s wedding ring.

She wears the simple gold wedding ring with her engagement ring, which was made from her mother-in-law’s tiara

As is traditional in the royal family, her ring is made from

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Meet The Canadian Jeweler Making Luxury Cannabis Accessories Out Of Gold, Silver And Precious Stones

What do electronic music, precious metals and cannabis have in common? All three are passions of Toronto-based goldsmith Alex Dordevic, the CEO of Tribe and a man who wants to change the meaning of the word ‘luxury’ in the cannabis accessories space. 

Established in 1993, Tribe began as a magazine documenting Toronto’s budding underground electronic music scene. It was the first in Canada to possess an online parallel, with a community now “four and a half million pages deep” according to Dordevic. Though the magazine halted publication in 2005, its forum is still active and has become a place where the multitalented publisher-turned-goldsmith can spread the seed, so to speak, among readers and cannabis consumers interested in customized high-end cannabis accessories.

While the

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