Cam Newton’s outfits, graded by a fashion expert and a fashion idiot

This might be a bit of an unusual NFL season, but there remains an ever-reliable constant: Cam Newton’s avant-garde fashion. Newton may have moved from Carolina to New England, but he’s bringing his major sense of style to Foxboro and turning heads.

a man wearing a hat

We should, nay must, grade Newton’s looks with a critical eye. Everyone has fashion wins and missteps, and so we need to assign a subjective numerical scores to them in order to feel a little bit better about our inability to afford $5,000 loafers.

There’s just one problem: I’m a fashion idiot. I’ve been wearing vintage tees, flip flops and jeans since March and that isn’t changing any time soon. Thankfully, I do know someone who is up to date on styles and trends. Rebecca Jennings writes for The Goods over at Vox, where she follows fashion and consumer trends. This season Rebecca (an expert) and I (an

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