The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Bella Hadid, Celine Dion, and More

It’s truly great to Celine Dion out and about. We’ve spotted her dressed-up, dolled-up, and stopping traffic. This week, she hit the great outdoors and, of course, in the most Celine way possible. She elegantly posed in between two trees in a stellar hiking look that consisted of a blue top, cushy cream sweats, and some sturdy boots. The singer left us with some on-theme words to live by: “Not all who wander are lost—Team Celine.” While it wasn’t indeed Team Celine who is responsible for this quote—it was the author J.R.R. Tolkien—we’ll let this one slide. Besides, we really like those sweatpants. 

As for those who remained indoors, Karen Elson showed off her dreamy, emerald look. She took an epic, editorial-worthy mirror selfie in an epically tiled bathroom ahead of the Spring 2021 Miu Miu show. The model opted for a glistening green dress, the perfect contrast to her

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It’s Time to Follow Bella Hadid and Embrace the Beauty of Mushrooms

“Hunt Mushrooms Not Animals” shirt by Online Ceramics Photo: Courtesy of Online Ceramics 

While mushrooms are beautiful to look at, they seem to give even more to the fashion world. Yesterday, my colleague, senior fashion news writer Emily Farra, mentioned to me that she had received mushroom leather in the mail last week. She also pointed out that the Twitter user @bxxwie created a thread comparing runway images to mushrooms: Radiant orange polypores were compared to a searing tangerine dress at Christopher John Rogers from fall 2020, purple clavaria zollingeri to a tiered look at Balmain spring 2019, and a smooth and curvy alien panis lecomtei to a bulbous skirt on a dress at Alexander McQueen spring 2007. 

Of course, while mushrooms cut an interesting, sometimes droopy, shape, there is another level to their playful appeal. Nicolas Atkins of Electro Magnetic Studios, the brain behind Hadid’s mushroom necklace, created them

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Model Bella Hadid visits N.J. for burgers, ice cream and NJ Transit

If you want to be a supermodel in 2020, you don’t have to go without ice cream. Or hamburgers. Of which New Jersey has plenty.

Model Bella Hadid recently enjoyed both during an outing in the Garden State with her friend, Daniel Chetrit.

“This is Bella & Daniel … and you’re watching Diners drive ins and dives: Best Friend Edition,” Hadid, 23, captioned Instagram photos of her trip to White Manna on River Street in Hackensack and Cranberry Junction Cafe on Temple Avenue.

The Hackensack River was visible in the background as Hadid chowed down on some White Manna sliders on the hood of a car in the dispatch to her 33.8 million followers. She posed in front of the famous White Manna sign wearing a face mask and posted a video of an NJ Transit train going past Cranberry Junction, where she sat on the front steps to enjoy

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Bella Hadid Street Style: 13 Style Lessons

Bella Hadid and her street style… where to begin? She might be a supermodel but it’s off the runway where her star really shines. Since rising to fame several years ago, Bella has snagged headlines and earned spots on countless inspiration boards due to her always-chic, always-surprising street style. 

Whether she’s out and about in New York City, chilling on the family farm, or traveling across Europe, Bella hits the street in a variety of covetable ensembles. She favors classic menswear pieces like sweater vests, sneakers, and baggy trousers and mixes them with sheer tops, vintage finds, and even a 2000s-era throwback or two. Bella’s street style has a certain allure that will make you want everything from cargo pants to Ugg slippers and tiny sunglasses. Range.

We’ve been taking fashion cues from Bella’s street style for years, and in that time we’ve observed that the model tends to

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