JPMorgan lent $5 billion to women entrepreneurs over the last year, halfway to its $10 billion commitment

In 2019, JPMorgan Chase announced a three-year, $10 billion lending commitment to women small business owners in order to help them grow and scale their companies. To date, the banking firm says it is pleased to announce that it has already reached the halfway mark of that goal, having committed $5 billion to female entrepreneurs thus far. 

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JPMorgan announced its progress on hitting the goal at its fifth annual Women on the Move event on Sept. 29, which will be made available for the public to watch on Oct. 1. 

“We understand that getting funding is such an important piece to helping female entrepreneurs start and scale their business,” Samantha Saperstein, managing director of Women on the Move at JPMorgan tells CNBC Make It. Saperstein adds that in addition to lending capital, the bank is helping women entrepreneurs “find new revenue streams, manage their vendors and

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