Hanoi Jane Stands Upon 200,000 Dead People to Declare Why COVID Is ‘God’s Gift to the Left’

Jane Fonda is a sick puppy. Is COVID bad or good? She gives a rather odd answer. No, that’s not the right word. She gives a ghoulish answer, noting that she feels the virus has been “God’s gift to the Left” because it’s exposed Trump for who he is or something. Yeah, forget the 200,000+ people who died. Forget about how half of that total is due to Democratic governors forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients. COVID is great because it could boot Trump from office. She really is no different that her younger self who palled around with communist insurgents in Vietnam back in the day. She sat on an anti-aircraft gun, joked around with America’s enemies, and trashed the country. Hanoi Jane is a traitor, a ghoul, and totally in keeping with someone who is Trump deranged (via Free Beacon):

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