Commentary: Harris-Pence debate: Stop interrupting women

If you’re a woman who has ever participated in any coed business meeting, you’ve likely experienced being interrupted and dismissed by a man.

And you probably weren’t surprised that it happens even to women at the highest levels of government and journalism, as we saw with Sen. Kamala Harris and USA Today Editor Susan Page during Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate.

Vice President Mike Pence talked over the candidate and moderator on several occasions, despite exasperated pushback from both ladies. Pence made it crystal clear his talking points trumped respect and decorum. He certainly proved once again that rules don’t matter in his world. Rules that he signed off on to participate in the debate, I might add.

“Mr. Vice President, I am speaking,” Harris said on one occasion with tactful resistance.

“I am speaking,” she declared firmly in several other instances, a phrase that has since become a rallying

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