Princess Eugenie wedding: Dress at wedding to Jack Brooksbank had hidden royal link

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank celebrate their two year wedding anniversary today. The royal couple married at Windsor Castle in a ceremony attended by many members of the Royal Family.

Like many royal brides, the Queen’s granddaughter borrowed a tiara from the royal collection for the occasion.

Eugenie wore the eye-catching Greville Kokoshnik tiara which features brilliant and rose cut diamonds.

It has a central emerald with a further six jewels down the band and could fetch as much as £10million at auction.

The bride also wore a stunning dress by designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, valued at £200,000.

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The gown had an off-the-shoulder style with a V-neck at the front and back.

It had long sleeves and highlighted Eugenie’s slim waist with a fitted bodice.

The Princess-style dress continued into a full pleated skirt which was followed by

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Kittery’s Rogers Park a gift that became a hidden gem – News –

Kittery, Maine, is a town of many hidden gems. Some residents – including myself – would prefer to keep these treasures secret so they don’t become spoiled, overcrowded tourist attractions.

But as popular as picturesque Rogers Park may be to local townsfolk, and dog owners especially, there are probably few who know and appreciate the story behind it.

This thickly wooded site overlooking Spruce Creek is fortunately tucked into a corner of Kittery mostly known by locals only, and not far at all from the shopping outlets for which the town is famous. It’s a spot where visitors can actually get a sense of what the area might have been like 400 years ago.

What many folks might not realize is the park was a gift from a local family whose ancestors came to America almost that long ago, aboard the Mayflower. Specifically, these 27 acres were handed over to

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Microscopic photos show the hidden beauty of an invisible world

We know that wildlife photos of large mammals and wide open vistas can be breathtaking, but you know what doesn’t get enough of a look in?

Close-up shots. As in microscopic, invisible-to-the-naked-eye kind of shots.

Enter the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, which celebrates images taken using microscopes and has today announced the winning photos for its 2020 contest. It comes weeks after announcing the winners of the video competition, which are equally stunning.

From orange microtubules inside a cell to the colourful tongue of a freshwater snail, and in no particular order, here are the top 20…

Hebe plant anther with pollen.

Hebe plant anther with pollen.

Image: Dr. Robert Markus & Zsuzsa Markus

Leaf roller weevil (Byctiscus betulae) lateral view.

Leaf roller weevil (Byctiscus betulae) lateral view.

Image: Özgür Kerem Bulur

Microtubules (orange) inside a cell. Nucleus is shown in cyan.

Microtubules (orange) inside a cell. Nucleus is shown in cyan.

Connections between hippocampal neurons (brain cells).

Connections between hippocampal neurons (brain cells).

Image: Jason Kirk & Quynh Nguyen

Crystals formed after heating an ethanol and water solution containing L-glutamine and beta-alanine.

Crystals formed after heating an ethanol and

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