Woman swings wok full of hot noodles around her head as she dances to Gangnam Style while cooking

Stir-frightening! Woman swings wok full of steaming hot noodles around her head as she dances to Gangnam Style while cooking

  • Video of woman cooking noodles at Asian food market has got a mixed reaction 
  • She swings a wok around her head while dancing to the song Gangnam Style
  • The bizarre cookery demonstration has has already received 8.9 million views 

A video of a woman showing off some terrifying dance moves during a lively cookery demonstration at an Asian food market has received a mixed reaction.

The footage captures her swinging a wok full of steaming hot noodles around her head as she dances to Gangnam Style.

The clip was posted on social media and has since gone viral with almost 9 million views.

A video of a woman cooking noodles while dancing

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Warehouses are hot property as online shopping booms

The commercial property market has been a big victim of the coronavirus pandemic, but demand for warehouses — where goods can be stored and processed — is booming, as the pandemic has led to a surge in people buying essentials online.

Demand for logistics and distribution space across the U.K. rose to a record in the third quarter, as online retailers expanded their supply chains to address consumer needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Warehouse owners leased out 13.3 million square feet in the three months through September, 111% higher than the same period in 2019, according to global real estate adviser CBRE. Online retailers accounted for a third of demand, reflecting the shift in shopping trends.

“The extraordinary level of takeup seen in Q2 has now been exceeded in Q3. To put the numbers into context, the past six months takeup exceeds the annual total for eight of the past

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What’s hot this Halloween? Who’s shopping? And are there any devilish deals?

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — Ghouls and goblins may be socially distanced or even virtual this Halloween. But retailers are hoping that won’t keep you from spending.

COVID-19 to crush Halloween? Many say BOO to that!

“We’re not going to let this one miss out on Halloween,” said mother Talia Samona holding her toddler Blair. Talia is going to be Cruella de Vil and her children are going to dress up as the Dalmations!

“I may get candy for the kids, maybe,” said Dad Kenneth Daniels.

But some are planning to spend a little less.

Animan Manchanda said, “We’re not really sure how many people are going to come.”

Another woman who chose not to share her name told us, “I’m probably not planning on buying as much,” referring to bags of candy.

I dropped by the Spirit Halloween store in Southfield for a look.

Manager Kristopher Potts says they’ve been

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