Inside Rainn Wilson’s Idyllic Spanish-Style Hacienda

Alfred “Hap” Gilman may not be one of the boldface names that quicken the pulses of design junkies and real estate agents, but the Chicago-born acolyte of Frank Lloyd Wright left a string of distinguished houses across Southern California. One of those homes—a Spanish-style hacienda planted on five-and-a-half acres of gardens, macadamia trees, and citrus groves, with distant views of the Pacific Ocean—cast a siren spell over actor Rainn Wilson and his wife, writer Holiday Reinhorn. “We visited the house three or four times, and each time we found ourselves lingering, not wanting to leave. It kept drawing us back,” Reinhorn recalls. Tammy Randall Wood, the couple’s decorator and principal of Interior Archaeology, puts a finer point on the subject: “I told them straight out, ‘If you don’t buy this gem, I will.’”

Wilson and Reinhorn bought it. “We were looking to get a little farther away from Los Angeles,

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