Why We Can No Longer Model Security On The Impregnable Fortress

CEO of 1Password.

When we think of protecting business data, we tend to think of company secrets: pending patents, decades of source code or a world-changing algorithm. But just as important is the data we hold about people: our suppliers, customers and employees.

Gathering information is inevitable when doing business today. But it’s not just the obvious things like credit card details and Social Security numbers. Even people’s names, emails and IP addresses can be used to identify individuals, so we have an obligation to keep them safe. But in the 21st century, this stuff oozes out of the woodwork. Anywhere you talk to customers, you’re likely collecting reams of data, both manually and through automated systems.

In the good old days, when information lived on pieces of paper, a security model based on the fortress made sense. What we call on-premises security was all the security we

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