Rep. Debbie Lesko: Want more women on Supreme Court? Include conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett

When asked when there would be enough women on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once famously said: “When there are nine.” In the wake of her passing, this quote has been shared on social media and referenced by the news media.

In many ways, Ginsburg’s comment has become the rallying cry of feminists across our country, advocating for women in leadership in the highest positions in our nation. But now, when faced with the prospect that some of those nine justices could be — and should be — conservative, the women of the liberal left are no longer interested in the prospect of another woman on the court.

Known for her contributions to women’s rights throughout her career, Ginsburg has inspired a generation of women in the legal profession.


From her early days

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Microsoft’s Surface accessories include a keyboard with a dedicated ‘heart’ emoji key

In addition to the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go and enhanced Surface Pro X tablet, Microsoft has announced several new accessories to complement its Surface lineup, including new work-from-home hardware.

The additions include the $70 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, the $25 Microsoft Number Pad, the $70 Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter, the $50 Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, and a new Sandstone color for the existing $30 Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse.

The most interesting new arrival may be the Designer Compact Keyboard. It has a “heart” key that (who knows?) may become a new signature key on Microsoft PCs.

Microsoft isn’t saying much about these new accessories, but here’s what we know:

The $70 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is characterized as a “slim, narrow, and elegant keyboard optimized for modern productivity.” As more Bluetooth PC peripherals seem to do these days, you have the option of switching among three different external

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Why the sustainable fashion movement should always include plus-size people

Aja Barber is an American writer, stylist and consultant who lives in London. Her work focuses on sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry and how all those topics intersect with race, feminism and colonization. The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author.

As a person who has lived through many shifts in the fashion industry, I have often seen new trends positioned as a move towards making the industry more inclusive.

The rise of the fashion blogger extended power and authority beyond a select group of magazine editors; the use of live streaming to broadcast shows meant everyone could get a front row view of fashion week; and social media has created a truly global and open forum for conversations about fashion in identity, politics and beyond.

But despite these promising developments, we are still a long way out from a truly inclusive fashion industry.

Black Lives
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Lauren Conrad Expands Makeup Line to Include Skin Care | Interview

You’d be forgiven if you think of Lauren Conrad, the businesswoman, mother, and former reality star, as a Fashion Person. She runs a clothing line, a shoe line, and a kids’ line, to name a few, and longtime fans may remember her televised internship in the Teen Vogue fashion closet. But along the way, Conrad has cultivated her own signature beauty look, which consists of easy breezy makeup and a consistent cat-eye. This summer, she surprised us by channeling that energy into the launch of Lauren Conrad Beauty. She began with five products, released direct-to-consumer from her own website — including a lip gloss formula that’s already won over Allure editors. As of October 9, she’ll expand into Kohl’s with a much longer list of products, including skin care, body care, and color cosmetics. 

Conrad has wanted to start her own beauty line for some time, encountering plenty of

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