Married women are losing jobs, highlighting coronavirus inequities

  • Married women lost 1 million jobs in September alone, while single men and women gained jobs.
  • The dip in married women in the workforce, economists say, could be due to the difficulty of childcare amid the back-to-school season.
  • Women shoulder most of the burden at home, according to studies from Boston Consulting Group and Northwestern University.
  • At some point, women then have to choose between performing well at work and at home, explaining the dip in employment for those who are married.
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Back-to-school season is tough enough on working parents. This year, it’s devastating — and for one group in particular. 

According to the newest count from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, married women lost almost 1 million jobs in September. Meanwhile, married men lost nearly 800,000 jobs, and both single men and women steadily earned jobs back.

“This month the number

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