You’ve been given the gift of time on iOS 14 changes. Don’t waste it.

Apple has delayed the rollout of its new tracking rules to “sometime in 2021.” 

This is great news for the app developers and publishers who were scrambling to get ready for the big switch, whereupon users must grant explicit permission in order for apps to track them and store their data. It was set to be – and still will be – a massive blow to the app makers who rely on high-value, IDFA-targeted ad placements as the primary source of revenue. 

But rather than sit back and breathe a sigh of relief and twiddle your thumbs for the next few months, this is the time to sit up and get busy. 

We’ve written about the 5 things that publishers must do to adequately prepare for the changes, and those basic steps of course still apply. (For a more detailed list and guide, go here.) After those steps are complete,

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