Making your own Italian-style beef is an easy one-pot affair

As soon as the weather starts to get chilly, my first thought is to make beef in my Dutch oven. Not just any beef — Chicago Italian Style beef! If you love Italian beef, you are going to love this recipe not once, but twice. First, as a Sunday dinner and second as an Italian beef sandwich with melty mozzarella and hot giardiniera.

If you haven’t cooked a sirloin tip roast before, I am about to change your life. At approximately one fourth the cost of beef tenderloin, I actually prefer it to the tenderloin because it’s just as lean and I think it has a beefier flavor. Is beefier even a word? It is now!



Here are some tips about cooking with beef. Make sure your beef is room temperature. Never put cold meat in a hot pan. Don’t skip the step of browning the beef in oil. It

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