‘I’ve got women working for me who are sobbing’

Bars and restaurants across much of England are working out how to operate amid new coronavirus restrictions.

Liverpool venues, which are in the strictest “tier 3” zone, have been instructed to close from Wednesday.

Kate Stewart, who runs The Sandon pub next to Liverpool FC, said: “The amount of uncertainly is just crippling.

“I’ve got women who are working for me who are coming in and actually sobbing to me because they don’t know whether they are going to have a job.”

Mrs Stewart told the BBC she wasn’t sure whether to open at all: “Is it going to be worth me even opening the doors because people are going to be so scared and so worried they probably aren’t going to come out anyway?

“The amount of uncertainly and unknowing is just crippling, and it’s crippling people’s mental health as well.”

‘Worst of both worlds’

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