Jamaica, Bond-Style: VistaJet/Island Outpost’s Partnership

Even if Q Branch is still repairing your jetpack, a not-so-secret exclusive partnership between a global private jet firm and Jamaica’s most storied hotel brand can grant you a dramatic, international spy-grade entree (that maximizes safety and privacy) to James Bond’s spiritual birthplace this season.

VistaJet, founded in 2004 by Swiss entrepreneur Thomas Flohr, maintains an exclusive, company-owned fleet of Bombardier Challenger and Global aircraft that carry VistaJet livery and standardize all onboard amenities so that elite travelers can always expect a sophisticated level of service, every time they fly. The fleet can access the Ian Fleming International Airport on Jamaica’s north shore. It’s called an “international” airport, but Fleming, named after the creator of James Bond, is more of a high-security, small-scale executive airfield, a

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