Photos of Japan’s Okayama Castle Showcase Its Enchanting Beauty

Okayama Castle

From its ancient temples and breathtaking nature to its colorful city life, Japan is full of wondrous beauty. Photographer Yukari Mitani travels around his home country snapping and sharing photos of some of its most charming locations. His most recent adventure brought him to the historic Okayama Castle in the city of Okayama, where he captured its beauty at night.

Okayama Castle—also known as “Crow Castle” because of its black exterior—has a history dating back centuries. It was built in 1597 under the direction of Hideie Ukita, a daimyo (lord) of the Sengoku period. It was used as a military facility, but it was also the main headquarters for merchants and craftsmen to meet and work on developing Okayama city. Hideie was eventually captured by the Tokugawa Clan and exiled to the island prison of Hachijo, so the castle passed on to Kobayakawa Hideaki, also a daimyo.

Much of the

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