Groom surprises husband, wedding guests with celebratory flash mob at the altar: ‘It was pure joy’

A couple in Utah is experiencing newlywed bliss and viral internet fame after a video of one of the groom’s flash mob wedding surprises made waves on social media.

a group of people in a field: A Utah man's surprise wedding flash mob went viral on social media. (Screenshot: Instagram/brocktif89)

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A Utah man’s surprise wedding flash mob went viral on social media. (Screenshot: Instagram/brocktif89)

Brock Dalgleish and Riley Barrington have been together since the day that they met in June 2018 at a pool party, sharing their first date one day later and moving in together just two months after that. “It was so fast, which is so unlike me,” Dalgleish tells Yahoo Life. But it worked.

The two quickly became serious as Barrington introduced Dalgleish to his daughter, Ebony, with ex-wife, Jenna. Dalgleish says that he and the little girl “fell in love” and the three adults have co-parented and maintained a strong friendship ever since. The men’s relationship was solidified in 2019 when they

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Finding Moments of Joy in a Largely Underwhelming Season for Beauty

Like absolutely everything in the pandemic-stricken 2020 world, the Spring 2021 fashion shows — the small number of them that went on amid a global health crisis, anyway — were, in just about every way, unprecedented. While fashion grappled with how to soldier on, get the job done and possibly even create a bit of much-needed optimism and joy through art, so, too did the hair and makeup looks that accompanied it. 

Naturally, backstage beauty was different this season. In fact, as someone who has covered runway beauty in the field for the better part of the past 15 seasons, I can’t even really offer much perspective on that fact — I wasn’t there. No press was. 

In extreme contrast with the last several fashion months, in particular, which in many ways felt more bloated, overcrowded, over-sponsored and chaotic than ever, the complete and total lack of backstage access this

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Yoga studio expands to gift shop with items that ‘spark joy,’ owner says

When people enter her gift boutique, Joyful Treasures in Point Lookout, owner Laura Shockley, 45, says an instant sense of calm prevails. “They say things like, ‘Ahh, it feels so relaxing in here,’ or ‘I walk in here and I feel like I’m taking a breath.’” That makes sense because years ago, Shockley abandoned her career as a high-powered attorney at a large Long Island firm to take a breath of her own, and enter what she calls, “her karmic life” as a yoga and meditation instructor.

She opened Point Lookout Yoga and Wellness Studio some five years ago, and just this past June (although it was slated to open much earlier … pandemic and all) she debuted her gift shop in a storefront located next door to her studio. The name, Joyful Treasures, is not random. “Everything in this store, I’ve touched and loved. And I always ask the

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The 1860s-Era Wide Awakes Are Back With Bold New Capes and a Mission to Make “Joy An Act of Resistance”

In 1860, two diametrically opposed foes ran against each other for President of the United States. The candidates were Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, and John C Breckinridge, a Southern Democrat. The election took place during a time when the country was deeply divided over slavery, territorial borders, and workers rights. After Lincoln was elected, the Civil War began.

Fast-forward to 2020, and we’re on the precipice of another contentious, terrifying election with two deeply divided sides of the country—one that puts God and country first and the other that puts human liberties and social justice first. But aside from drawing parallels between the perils of a discombobulated democracy then and now, there are also similarities between the two eras when it comes to advocacy and activism. 

Tomorrow, an 1860s-era youth organization called the Wide Awakes will make a timely return. The Wide Awakes were, back in that day, a diverse

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