Meet Kids Of Immigrants, The Purpose-Driven Fashion Brand With A New Vans Collab

“Now we have our own office space, a whole thousand-square-feet for us to do whatever we want,” says co-founder Daniel Buezo on a Zoom call with NYLON from the new Kids of Immigrants HQ in downtown Los Angeles.

Sitting next to designer and co-founder Weleh Dennis, the two are looking back at how their purpose-driven fashion brand has grown since the idea of Kids of Immigrants started ruminating in 2013 and officially launched in 2016.

“I love to say the 2013 part because we want people to know this took a lot of time, dedication, and learning,” says Buezo. “We learned from our mistakes, how to work with each other, and how to build [Kids of Immigrants] our own way and keep it that way.”

With a Vans collaboration set to drop on Friday, Oct. 2, Buezo and Dennis continue to stay true to their brand’s roots and budding community.

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Kids Fashion – A New Fashion Era

Kids fashion in today’s world is taken much more seriously than in years gone by. Kids today are much more inquisitive, intellectual and scientific. As a result of the modern kid being much more self and fashion conscious, kids fashion has taken off in to a new era as kids are more up to date with modern fashion trends.

Gone are the days when mom or dad would go to the store and buy a plain white t-shirt and a pair of outdated looking faded blue jeans, take them home and receive a golden an appreciative smile from son or daughter. In these modern times, children have become fashion fanatics. They know all they latest trends better than the adults do. Just taking a short walk down the street is the evidence to support this fact.

Most parents in these modern times would not let their child be caught in … Read More

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