This Major Kosas Giveaway Is Another Reason to Join Well+

At Well+Good, we love to be your go-tos, keeping you up to date on everything wellness (and beauty!) related. So, no doubt, you’ve heard us name drop Kosas before. The brand is one of our faves because of the seriously smart formulations that work on lips, lashes, and let’s be real, every square inch of skin we can slather the brand’s dreamy Tinted Face Oil ($42) onto.

If you’re not familiar with Kosas, let us quickly bring you up to speed. The brand began by bringing hyper-pigmented, clean lipsticks to the market in 2015. Notoriously, concocting cleaner formulas that still have a solid color payoff has been difficult, but Kosas raised the expectation of what formulas can promise while excluding decidedly gross ingredients from their formulations (cough, cough: crushed bugs).

Ever since, the brand has led the charge in creating makeup that is also good for your skin. A

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