3 Key Takeaways From Women Leading Large Family Businesses In Canada

Earlier this year I was invited by the National Bank of Canada to be a part of a team interviewing senior women leaders in some of Canada’s top family-owned firms. We travelled to Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto for interviews, and also met with women in Montreal. Three elements that contribute to the success of family businesses struck me based on these interviews and other interviews of family members which I have conducted as part of McGill University’s CEO Insights MBA class.

The work our team undertook went toward the Fall 2020 edition of the National Bank’s Family Advantage report. This report aims to elucidate the inherent advantages of family-owned companies through an analysis of 38 Canadian corporations under family

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New model can simulate and analyze large number of viral infections

It is only 120 millionths of a millimetre in size but can bring entire countries to a standstill: the Corona virus. Even if it were to disappear one day, viral infections will still be among the most frequent and difficult-to-treat diseases in humans.

Even decades of research have only produced a few standardized vaccines and strategies for treatment to combat just a small number of viruses. Nor has there been much research into viral mechanisms of action – which was a reason for Prof. Guiscard Seebohm and his team at the Institute for the Genetics of Heart Diseases of Münster University to focus their attention on precisely this topic.

And the team has now succeeded in making a groundbreaking development: it has created a viral expression model which can be used to simulate and analyze a large number of viral infections –

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White House’s Meadows Reportedly Flouted Covid Rules In May For Daughter’s Large Wedding


Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, hosted a 70-person indoor wedding for his daughter in Atlanta in late May, possibly violating state rules and federal guidelines designed to halt the spread of Covid-19, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, another case of White House officials seemingly flouting coronavirus protocols.

Key Facts

The wedding took place in an ornate Atlanta ballroom, and its 70-person guest list included Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who has expressed skepticism of coronavirus restrictions and frequently declined to wear a face mask, AJC reported.

Guests stood close to each other during the wedding, and most did not appear to wear masks, according to photos of the event reviewed by AJC.


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Large, Hollywood-style ‘Trump’ sign erected in Los Angeles

A large sign appeared along the 405 freeway in Sepulveda Pass in California on Tuesday. The sign said ‘Trump’ in bold white letters similar to the ones on the Hollywood sign and stood about 10 feet tall, according to Kron4 news.

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But it had to come down. Work crews demolished the sign which faced northbound lanes near Getty Center Drive. Police say it was becoming a traffic hazard as motorists began to slow down to take pictures of it. According to California Highway Patrol’s incident log, the sign, discovered at 6:41 a.m., was a “traffic hazard.”

It was also located in a dry area making it susceptible to forest fires that are currently plaguing parts of the state. That particular area is known for destructive bush fires like last year’s Getty fire or the 2017 Skirball Fire.

Earlier this year, a

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Normally an insulator, diamond becomes a metallic conductor when subjected to large strain in a new theoretical model

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Long known as the hardest of all natural materials, diamonds are also exceptional thermal conductors and electrical insulators. Now, researchers have discovered a way to tweak tiny needles of diamond in a controlled way to transform their electronic properties, dialing them from insulating, through semiconducting, all the way to highly conductive, or metallic. This can be induced dynamically and reversed at will, with no degradation of the diamond material.

The research, though still at an early proof-of-concept stage, may open up a wide array of potential applications, including new kinds of broadband solar cells, highly efficient LEDs and power electronics, and new optical devices or quantum sensors, the researchers say.

Their findings, which are based on simulations, calculations, and previous experimental results, are reported this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The paper is by MIT Professor Ju Li and graduate

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One Injured As Gunman Opens Fire, Suspect Still At Large


  • The shooting took place at the Opry Mills Mall on Wednesday night
  • A 19-year-old boy was shot and his condition is said to be critical
  • The incident was caught on surveillance footage

Police were looking for the suspect after at least one person was injured in a shooting that took place at a shopping mall in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday night.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department was investigating the shooting, which took place at around 6:10 p.m. local time (7:10 p.m. EDT) at the Opry Mills Mall.

According to the police, the shooting occurred when one group of five people and another group of three people confronted each other near the shopping mall’s food court. Both groups had individuals who were armed.

A spokesperson from the police department stated the incident was caught on surveillance footage that showed the groups walking together before the suspect, who was part

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Nikola’s Business Model Relies on Big Leaps in Technology, Large Declines in Costs

Nikola Corp.

NKLA -0.82%

this summer became more valuable than

Ford Motor Co.

on big promises made by its then-executive chairman and the enthusiasm of small investors.

Now, with the executive chairman gone and shares of the electric truck maker down about 80% from their peak, the company must rely on the strength of its business model. That model attracted auto sector luminaries, big-name investors and industry giants. But it depends on delivering big technological advances and dramatic cost reductions.

Founded in 2015 by Trevor Milton, the company is one of several startups competing to find ways to accelerate the move to clean energy in the auto industry. Nikola has specifically targeted trucks, which have been more challenging because of the weight of batteries needed to power them. While Nikola plans to use batteries at first, Mr. Milton focused on the potential of hydrogen as a source of non-fossil-fuel energy

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