Former GOOD DAY Leader Heejin Gets Married; TVXQ’s Yunho And Other Stars Attend Wedding

Former GOOD DAY leader Heejin has tied the knot!

On October 10, former GOOD DAY member Heejin got married in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. TVXQ’s Yunho, Brave Girls’ Yuna, singer Park Soo Jin, and REDSQUARE’s Green—who was previously bandmates with Heejin in Good Day under the stage name Genie—were all in attendance at the wedding.

The following day, Heejin took to Instagram to share several photos from the wedding, writing, “I’ve decided to spend my entire lifetime together with someone who, from the very beginning up until now, has always thought of and cared for me more than I have myself. I’m so happy that I was able to spend such a special day in such a special place together and receive so many blessings. Thank you to everyone who came a long way to congratulate us! We’ll live happily while fighting and laughing a lot in the future.”

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In a campaign-style video, Trump says contracting Covid-19 was a risk he had to take as ‘your leader.’

President Trump on Monday night sought to reframe his battle with Covid-19 in political rather than medical terms, suggesting that his recent diagnosis was not a mortal threat to his health or an indictment about his handling of the pandemic but instead an exhibition of presidential leadership.

“As your leader, I had to do that,” he said in a video posted online, appearing to suggest that exposing himself to the deadly virus by repeatedly ignoring warnings about mask-wearing and social distancing was simply part of his job as president.

Mr. Trump made the remarks in a video posted shortly after his return to the White House after a worrying three-night stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. In the video, and another clip posted minutes earlier that showed his return home aboard the presidential helicopter, Mr. Trump said he “learned so much about coronavirus” but urged Americans “don’t

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Constance Hall Buchanan, pioneering leader of women’s studies in religion at Harvard, dies at 73

Ms. Buchanan, who was 73 when she died Sept. 16 in her home in Manhattan of complications from Parkinson’s disease, helped change that through her longtime role at Harvard Divinity School.

As director of the Women’s Studies in Religion Program for two decades, she championed bringing women into the virtually all-male faculty ranks at the divinity school and other institutions, and she created paths for them to become powerful voices in theological studies nationally.

At issue was more than simply making a male-dominated academic field more welcoming to women.

“She saw the equality of women as a moral issue. She didn’t see it solely as a political issue or an issue of human rights,” Ann Braude, who now directs the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School, said in an interview.

“Connie understood that religious scholarship had important public ramifications,” Braude said, “and that women’s rights could not

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