Amazon Explore offers livestreamed classes, tours and shopping

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, which means most people are limiting the time they spend outdoors. That means fewer shopping trips and vacations — especially those that involve boarding a plane or train — with friends or family. Amazon’s solution is Explore, a platform that offers virtual classes, shopping advice and sightseeing tours. They’re all streamed live, which means you can ask the host questions about anything they’ve shown on camera. Notably, Amazon is using a one-way video, two-way audio approach, which means you’ll never have to turn on your webcam to take part. “So there’s no need to get dressed up,” the Explore site explains.

Sessions are paid for individually, and cost anywhere between $10 and $210. A Tokyo-based introduction to sake costs $50, for instance, while an hour-long tour of New York City’s Central Park will set you back $150. Because nothing is pre-recorded, you’ll need

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