Insta model with ‘the biggest cheeks in the world’ claims they’re still ‘too small’ after losing count of her operations

AN INSTAGRAM model with the “biggest cheeks in the world” claims they’re still “too small” after losing count of her operations.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, 30, from Kiev, Ukraine, got her first fillers when she was 26 and hasn’t stopped injecting her face since.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk wants even bigger cheeks


Anastasia Pokreshchuk wants even bigger cheeksCredit: Instagram
She has injected herself with fillers since she was 26


She has injected herself with fillers since she was 26Credit: Instagram
Anastasia is pictured before her procedures


Anastasia is pictured before her proceduresCredit: Truly

She has now spent more than $2,000 just on cheek fillers – and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Anastasia said: “You may think that they are too big but I think that they’re a little bit small, I need to refresh them again soon.”

Anastasia said she has lost count of how many facial procedures she has had.

She has had fillers in her lips, cheeks and in the corners of her mouth, botox in her

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Jon Cryer shares joyful story of finding his wedding ring after losing it in the rain

Jon Cryer is breathing a sigh of relief.

The “Two and a Half Men” star shared a story of losing his wedding ring on a rainy night by the water at Cooper’s Park in Vancouver and thinking it was gone for good. But there turned out to be a happy ending.

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Cryer, 55, who has been married to wife Lisa Joyner since 2007, wrote a Twitter thread on Sunday detailing the weekend of anxiety he faced before calling The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service, a group of metal detector specialists, to get help.

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Breastfeeding Salma Hayek Had to Model This Dirndl After Losing a Bet & the Photos Are Hilarious

Hey, did you briefly make the mistake of forgetting that Salma Hayek is both the hottest and coolest woman on the internet? No problem, she’s got a reminder ready and waiting — this time, with a throwback to a gloriously weird German talk show that involves making their celebrity guests complete outrageous challenges when they lose a bet. Hayek, always willing to poke fun at herself (and yes, post the occasional thirst trap, because with that body it would be criminal not to), shared her own punishment for losing a bet in a hilarious new Instagram video: squeezing into a traditional Bavarian dirndl at the specific request of Karl Lagerfeld. While Hayek modeling a dirndl on any old day is definitely a TV-worthy appearance, this situation was made a slightly tighter squeeze by the fact that she was still breastfeeding daughter Valentina at the time, the actress explains. And the

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Married women are losing jobs, highlighting coronavirus inequities

  • Married women lost 1 million jobs in September alone, while single men and women gained jobs.
  • The dip in married women in the workforce, economists say, could be due to the difficulty of childcare amid the back-to-school season.
  • Women shoulder most of the burden at home, according to studies from Boston Consulting Group and Northwestern University.
  • At some point, women then have to choose between performing well at work and at home, explaining the dip in employment for those who are married.
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Back-to-school season is tough enough on working parents. This year, it’s devastating — and for one group in particular. 

According to the newest count from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, married women lost almost 1 million jobs in September. Meanwhile, married men lost nearly 800,000 jobs, and both single men and women steadily earned jobs back.

“This month the number

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Cookeville teen gets the gift of hearing after losing hearing aids in tornado

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The March 3rd tornado devastated neighborhoods and families from Donelson to Cookeville. Despite the losses, Middle Tennesseans have seen new beginnings since then.

A teenager with hearing loss was thrown from her house during the tornado and lost her hearing aids. Friday, she received a very special gift.

“It was just like at one minute I was in my bed, and the next, I was under the house,” said 16-year-old Ella Neal. An EF 4 tornado destroyed her home on Charlton Square in Central Putnam County.

Her neighbor found her under her house in his backyard. Neal was born with reverse- slope hearing loss and only able to pick-up on high pitches. “The only way that I knew that someone found me was like by the flashlights that were there, near the place that I was at,” Neal recalled.

Her hearing aids were among many things

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